Everything We Believe The Modern Advisor Wants.
And Then Some.

How many times have you thought “If only ____?”

“If only things weren't so bureaucratic.”

“If only I had more freedom.”

“If only I could do things my way.”

At Merritt Point Wealth Advisors, the only thing we're focused on is removing obstacles that stand in the way of success — especially for our advisors.

We're so committed to this ideal we've made it our mission.

For our advisors, it's the ability to control their own destiny that I think is so wonderful. They feel empowered with the resources and support we provide to develop their business in the way that's best for them and their clients.

Ross Bauer, Founder, COO

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5 Main Reasons to Work Here:

An Entrepreneurial Spirit. We act like a start-up, uninhibited by stale thinking.

Your Way Or The Highway. Looking to grow your team? Is there a tool you've always wanted to try? We'll streamline the approval process for you, so you can focus on serving your clients.

Accelerated Earnings Potential. As our company expands, you may benefit from substantial growth in enterprise value and equity.

Non-Stop Growth. We've grown the team's Assets Under Management by 5X (based on the period of 1/1/2019-11/30/2023) in just a few years with aims to continue our expansion. If perpetual improvement drives you, you'll fit right in.

Advanced Solutions and Software. You'll have tools to trade across multiple accounts, streamline your books and easily execute investment strategies.

Through the fusion of the advanced platforms and digital prowess Merritt Point provides, one can navigate the financial landscape with precision, synchronize trades and optimize portfolios.

Sheila Spicehandler, Senior Vice President

Does This Sound Like You?

An advisor who feels they're being held back by their situation.

An advisor who wants a better lifestyle and increased flexibility.

An advisor looking for customizable succession planning and a long-term home for their clients.

Merritt Point advisors made a career-defining choice to come here. And they're glad they did.

The true power of what Merritt Point provides lies not only in autonomy but in the ability to sculpt a bespoke financial narrative for each client. Armed with cutting-edge tools and unwavering support, advisors have the ability to craft personalized financial solutions for clients. Independence, coupled with robust resources, helps the advisor become an architect of financial dreams.

Anthony D'Ambrosio, Director, Partner

Embrace The Change

Learn more the opportunities that await you here and how we'll make your transition to modern wealth management easy.

The experiences discussed are specific to those associates listed and may not be representative of the experience of other associates.