Empowering Women for Financial Independence

At Merritt Point Wealth Advisors, our Founder and President, Beth Cutler, passionately pursues her mission of empowering women with financial knowledge and guidance so they can have confidence and control in their financial lives. She regularly hosts lectures and webinars covering various topics, including investment planning, financial independence, transition planning, and more tailored to women's unique financial circumstances across different stages of life.

Beth has developed a comprehensive planning process specifically for female investors so she can reach a detailed understanding of each woman's unique financial circumstances and challenges to design a holistic plan tailored to achieve their financial goals.
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Are You Concerned About:

  • Health and rising medical costs
  • Supporting parents or adult children 
  • Death of a spouse 
  • Job loss or uncertainty 
  • Divorce 
  • Increased inflation 
  • Downsizing a home 
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Take Control of Your Financial Future

  • Identify and discuss financial goals 
  • Create actionable steps to build towards your retirement 
  • Analyze your cash flow needs for today's priorities and tomorrow's aspirations 
  • Develop a written plan and checklist for you to track your progress
  • Build a retirement portfolio for your future 
  • Create a savings plan to help build a nest egg 
  • Help strengthen your finances and assets 
  • Review your financial situation 
  • Help you make safe and strategic financial decisions